7 Best Lipstick Brands

Published By Pratishtha Kaushik

March 14th, 2017

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Lipsticks! It is that stick of color in your bag that is an absolute makeup essential. There is no doubt in the fact that lipstick is everyone’s best makeup product .  Lipstick brands are super important whenever you are choosing a great lipstick. The brand can actually make or break the formula of the lipstick.

Most of us can say that our very first cosmetic product was the much loved lipstick. For every one from our mother to elder sisters, favorite aunts to annoying relatives, lipsticks have always been a top priority. We love our lipsticks so much that the color is what defines our daily mood. On happy days we choose pinks and reds. On the days when we jut around in formals, we choose the browns and peaches. For most of us, a swipe of lipstick and a little eyeliner completes the major part of makeup routine. To most men, the shades of lipstick may seem like just a few. But to us women, there is different shade for every look. A dab of the correct shade of lipstick can either make or sabotage your entire look. The search for a perfect lipstick doesn’t end here, you have to look for one which is long lasting, moisturizing, and doesn’t flake, along with finding the best brand. Seems like a tiring uphill task right? Not to worry!  I am here for you.



Revlon is one among the best lipstick brands in the country. This provides lipstick with a number of amazing shades.Revlon is one brand which is trusted by a number of women out theirs.It provides the best quality with the good stability of the lipstick.Though the price is little high of this brand but you will definitely get the best results. Lipstick from this brand is worth buying.

Revlon comes in 8 different ranges. Revlon lipsticks are always at the top in terms of quality. The lipsticks start at 485 INR and go up to 935 INR. The high prices are compensated by the satisfaction of the customers using this brand.




If there is one brand that makes us nostalgic, it’s Lakme. The simple and classy brown bullets that held color remind us of our childhood, don’t they? It is known to be one of the best lipstick brands.This brand has good reach in the makeup kits of a number of women in India. This is because of its amazing range and affordable prices from which you can choose a lipstick depending on your requirements.

All the ranges are extremely pocket-friendly. The quality is top class too. Pricing starts at just 225 INR. Their costliest range is 575 INR.Lakme has something for everyone.  So if you are looking for a great variety of shades and ranges in a limited budget, Lakme is perfect. You can choose your favorite color with the huge range of lipsticks which comes at different prices. There is no compromise with the quality of the products. You will get the best quality lipstick.



L’oreal Paris, one of the best lipsticks brands in India, has just two lipstick ranges. The available products are good and loved by many, but they really need to introduce more ranges. It would be great if the variations can be in the texture, pigmentation and the like.


The lipstick of this brand is very good with added moisturizer in it. You can get amazing color and healthy lips at the same time.The lipstick range by L’oreal has good stay on lips. Select the best shade for your lips according to your skin tone. Again you will get the variety of lipstick shades with amazing colors.



This brand comes up a new and sensational color of Lipsticks. You could choose the best color for your lips according to your skin tones. It provides the huge variety of lip colors. Added moisturizers in the lipstick are helpful in keeping lips healthy. This is one of the best lipstick brands in India.


It is also light on the pocket. Colorbar is the perfect brand for the students on budget. Since it is economical, the brand is perfect for experimentation of colors. They have ranges as low as 250 INR as well as those as high as 700 INR. The most wonderful fact about Colorbar is that they always come up with new concepts and innovations. If you are a fan of matte lipsticks, then Colorbar is the perfect option for you. The concept of lip pots is loved the most!



MAC is almost synonymous with quality and choices in a wide array of colors and textures. Where ever MAC comes into picture, the lipstick has to be the best one. Many MAC lipsticks are perfectly suitable for Indian skin tones. They are sorted based on warm and cool skin tones. MAC lipsticks are easily available in all MAC counters. Online shopping portals stock MAC too. They are all priced at Rs.990.



These lipsticks are everyone’s latest obsession. NYX never fails to impress and when I tried these lipsticks I was blown away especially considering that they are a drugstore brand.  NYX Matte lipsticks are extremely pigmented, long wearing, apply super smooth and wear very comfortably unlike many matte lipsticks out there.  They come in a beautiful variety of 33 different shades.The NYX lipsticks come in two ranges that is 395 INR and 750 INR. All the shades are very pretty, but the availability can be an issue.



The HG kohls and mascaras of many girls are almost most times from Maybelline. This alone is enough to reflect the popularity of the brand. Maybelline is in the topper list in terms of lipsticks too. The brand offers fabulous colors and ranges in very pocket friendly price bracket. The staying power is decent and the lipsticks are known to be moisturizing. Maybelline is a very trusted lipstick brand in India. It provides some really good colors which have long stay.You will get good color and healthy lips from this brand. Maybelline provides the lipstick at different price range according to the stability.Maybelline is probably the most easily available brand, so go ahead and make a list of your favorite lip colors.


Which is your most used lipstick? What brand gets your heart racing? Shoot your comments and let us know!